Deafening Silence

Many of you reading this website/blog may have been given a link through another source. Thanks for actually checking this out.

What is most interesting to note, at least to us, is the silence we have seen so far from our viewers, in propotion to the amount of hits we receive daily. It could be that people are too busy, or they have not found something here that really moves them to want to share, which is fair enough.

One thing that seems to be a theme that we have noticed over the years of sharing these views, is that people are almost afraid to touch these topics, most importantly the topic of choosing between serving God and serving Money.

It seems like we can talk endlessly about everything under the sun, as I have witnessed while browsing other blogs. The most absurd, inane babble can stir people up to offer trivial nonsense in return. Not only that, but these blogs have massive amounts of comments and “followers!” Maybe we’re just a bit impatient, frothing at the mouth to engage in some good dialogue with all of you out there. Or maybe we have hit on a sensitive area, one so sensitive that silence is the way most will treat it. Our genuine hope is that those of you who would venture to check out a website like this would be a different caliber of people.



About livewithoutlovingmoney

Welcome to the intersection of economics & and love! We are Christians who are disgusted with the money system worship of the Churches. We call it "Churchianity" and nothing could be further from what Jesus Christ taught than what is commonly preached in most churches around the world. His profoundly revolutionary and unrivaled teachings about love, if practiced, open our eyes to the matrix of greed that he came to free us from. Read more to discover the message that centuries of church dogma & doctrine have attempted to hide from you.
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