Cat Got Your Tongue?

We realize how comfortable (and interesting!) it can be to just sit there at your computer screen and passively read through all the stuff on our site, but we would deeply appreciate hearing something…anything from YOU! (How about joining in on some good conversation just after finishing this? We’ll give you a few more enjoyable moments of procrastination!!)

Imagine if you devoted your entire life to something that you were incredibly inspired about, sharing it with everyone you encountered, and you only occasionally received significant feedback from people… Even though you know tens of people visit your site each week.

Would you feel some level of frustration? How about at least a little depressed?

So how about you jump on that keyboard and help to inspire US in some way, even if what you share is disagreement with part or even ALL of our message? At least that way we have been inspired to continue the dialogue with another human being!


About livewithoutlovingmoney

Welcome to the intersection of economics & and love! We are Christians who are disgusted with the money system worship of the Churches. We call it "Churchianity" and nothing could be further from what Jesus Christ taught than what is commonly preached in most churches around the world. His profoundly revolutionary and unrivaled teachings about love, if practiced, open our eyes to the matrix of greed that he came to free us from. Read more to discover the message that centuries of church dogma & doctrine have attempted to hide from you.
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