New Mini-Comic: “War on Greed”!

Please read and enjoy LiveWithoutLovingMoney’s latest effort: the “War on Greed” mini-comic booklet! This pamphlet is fully illustrated with comics inspired by the Gospel of Luke. Click the pic to read the booklet online or write us an email for a paper copy. We only ask for a small donation to cover printing and shipping costs.

We put a lot of effort into this project and would love to hear any feedback you have to share! Any comments are welcome: encourage us or offer your constructive criticism.

war on greed cover


About livewithoutlovingmoney

Welcome to the intersection of economics & and love! We are Christians who are disgusted with the money system worship of the Churches. We call it "Churchianity" and nothing could be further from what Jesus Christ taught than what is commonly preached in most churches around the world. His profoundly revolutionary and unrivaled teachings about love, if practiced, open our eyes to the matrix of greed that he came to free us from. Read more to discover the message that centuries of church dogma & doctrine have attempted to hide from you.
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One Response to New Mini-Comic: “War on Greed”!

  1. Reblogged this on LiveWithoutLovingMoney and commented:

    Intense little “zine”/comicbook about Jesus’ challenges regarding wealth, possessions, and religious “leaders”!


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