Destroying the Earth

There’s a very powerful statement that is found in the Book of Revelation about God destroying those who destroy the Earth. (Revelation 11:18b)

This verse keeps coming to my mind a lot lately, as I look around at all the waste that people throw away on a daily basis. Some of it seems hopelessly unavoidable, and I cringe almost every time I buy almost anything that is purposely non-reusable, and when I throw something away. That trash ends up somewhere, and we are running out of places to put it. I feel so guilty about my part in this mess.

Just think about all the water we use for things that aren’t truly necessary. I think of all the lawns I walk by all the time, and see streams of water running down people’s cement driveway. Is a “beautiful” lawn really worth the wasting of this life sustaining resource? Or what about all the water used to wash a car (perfectly drinkable that a great deal of the world would definitely appreciate)? The list could go on and on.

Instead of pointing to major corporations and the damage they do to the earth, how about we each focus on what WE do that contributes to the destruction of the planet? After all, those “evil corporations” are sustained by Y/OUR dollars too.

I wonder that if I ask for God’s forgiveness in my own complicity in this matter, if that will bring a lesser degree of punishment for my own wrongdoing.

However, even if I feel like a hypocrite for saying this, I still believe that someone needs to speak up about caring for our planet from a christian perspective.

We need to see our planet as the great gift that it truly is, and to do our part to protect it. Most people on the political left already show concern for the planet in many ways, but christians (that is the great majority of professing christians from any denomination) are often unconcerned about the environmental impact we each make. Given the theme of the verse mentioned above, we should have even more reason to respect the natural world than those who don’t believe in God.

Not that fear of any kind should be our reason for doing the right thing, but it just seems that God cares enough about all of his creation to plead in as many ways possible for us to take care of it.

The state of trash and pollution that exists in the world is yet again something caused by greed. The economic systems in place right now in the developed world are constantly producing more things to sell, and most of the packaging and the products themselves are ultimately thrown away. We dig up the earth just to make things to sell to each other, all for the sake of money. Most people are not content with keeping an old cell phone or computer, instead they get the latest updated version, creating more needless waste.

Our grocery stores are full of food products that if not sold by a certain date are more often thrown away rather than given to food banks or homeless charities, in order to keep the price for those items higher. Greed! Literally tons of that food could be shipped to the poorest countries.

There is so much more that could be said about this urgent matter, but I think enough has been shared here to at least get people convicted and maybe even inspired to do their part in caring more deeply about this precious home we ALL share.





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