Atheism and Hell

Over the past six months or more, I have been doing extensive research about the doctrine of hell as commonly believed by most professing Christians. Call it obsession if you want, but the traditional view of hell, held by most Christians, has troubled me deeply for many, many years. Put in its simplest form,  hell is believed to be a place of never ending torture for all those who don’t “receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.” (I won’t go into detail here how shallow and unbiblical this concept of “accepting Jesus” really is. We’ll save that for another time). The focus here will be on the eternal fate of those who are consigned to everlasting torment in the fires of hell.

I have also been doing a lot of research on various websites that are hosted by former Christians who have rejected their faith in God based on the traditional view of hell. Most of these posters have not become agnostic as a result of their moral outrage at the concept of never ending torture in hell; they have become very outspoken atheists who consider God to be a cosmic sadist, infinitely worse than Hitler in the way he executes his judgments on humanity.  In a sense, who could blame them?

The fact is that many professing Christians also struggle to reconcile a God of love who would actually torture his own creation not for millions of years, not for billions of years, but FOREVER…and ever. How difficult it is for those of us to believe in God, (who IS love, remember?) let alone try to LOVE this God if we believe in this “traditional” view of hell. If we, as believers, struggle immensely with this picture of God, how could we ever have the guts to share with unbelievers that they should come to believe and obey this God? What on earth would compel them to believe in God if we must also share our belief that God will consign them to an eternity in a hell that we cannot ever comprehend the horrors of?

But wait a second, what if we are absolutely wrong in our view of God’s judgment of the wicked/unbelieving? What if we are doing unimaginable damage to God’s character by presenting Him as more wicked than Satan himself?

Over the next few weeks, I will be presenting the case that this “traditional” view of hell as Eternal Conscious Torment (ECT) is found nowhere in the old or New Testaments, but most importantly, Jesus Christ Himself NEVER EVER taught such a dreadful, awful, appalling, horrendous, repulsive, monstrous, heinous, atrocious, unspeakably nightmarish thing.

Stay tuned….I can assure you that I can prove that Eternal Conscious Torment for all eternity is taught nowhere in the Bible, or by Jesus. God is Love, and God is Just.

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