Mark Twain’s “War Prayer”

Was Mark Twain right when he said “none but the dead are permitted to tell the truth”? I guess that depends on the truth being spoken and to whom. We usually give a pass to new truths presented via mathematical and scientific findings. But with all the money, patriotic sentimentality, and “reasoning” invested in war, what happens when the uncomfortable aspects of truth reveal the deeper things that aren’t aligned with the image, aspirations, and good intentions we wish to project to the world? Twain’s “War Prayer” does a great job of getting us to look much more closely at such a significantly life and death issue as this.


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Welcome to the intersection of economics & and love! We are Christians who are disgusted with the money system worship of the Churches. We call it "Churchianity" and nothing could be further from what Jesus Christ taught than what is commonly preached in most churches around the world. His profoundly revolutionary and unrivaled teachings about love, if practiced, open our eyes to the matrix of greed that he came to free us from. Read more to discover the message that centuries of church dogma & doctrine have attempted to hide from you.
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