The basis for our way of life comes from the teachings of Jesus, particularly in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew chapters 5, 6, 7)

Our goal here is to offer another way of life…read more if you want to find out about this radical way of life that we have chosen to live…

We are a small, nomadic community who travels to share the wonderful freedom we have found in the Teachings of Jesus. We are not so concerned with sharing about ourselves as we are about sharing the Eternal Truth found in Jesus’ radical life and teachings. 

If, however, you do want to know more about our community and way of life, well, you’re gonna have to write to us. You can reach us at our new email address, radicallynewlife@gmail.com


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  1. Owen Kellogg says:

    Hello. Just found your blog while googling for Tolstoy. I love what you’re doing here. I recently built a cabin in the woods and I’m now living off-grid. I’m somewhat “internet deficient” at the moment, but I’ll be sure to stop by more often when I’m able.


    • Thanks for checking us out Owen, and we’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying what we’re sharing with the world. Your “off-grid” adventures sound pretty exciting…feel free to update us when you can.


  2. Hi Owen Kellogg, just updating you on the fact that we have produced a nice little booklet that is an easy to read translation of some of Leo Tolstoy’s spiritual writings, which we are now printing and distributing to the public.


  3. Blessings,
    I found your site by searching ‘blessed poverty’ on wordpress. It’s good to know fellow Christians are living the truth of the beatitudes. By living by faith and counting on God for provision, it truly is the blessed, and most free way to live on earth.


    • Amen, and thanks for stopping by with some encouragement!

      It’s an interesting world (to say the least!) when living out the love, truth & teachings of the beatitudes is more often than not seen as just one option among a myriad of “ways” to live out the life of a Jesus follower.

      Stay in touch, and may God bless you!


  4. Grace Hill Speed says:

    Found the site interesting


    • Hi Grace,

      Glad to hear that you find this site interesting! How did you hear about us? :o)
      We spend most of our time distributing material that we write ourselves, usually on colleges campuses all over the world, believe it or not!
      I can remember being on a college campus way back in the day in Eugene Oregon. The college was called Lane Community College,
      or something like that.
      Not sure why that particular one comes to mind at the moment.;0) Just one of the many we’ve been to over the years. Go Ducks!


  5. Ben Gillott says:

    Hey guys, just want to say I really love what you guys are doing and am greatly encouraged to know I not the only guy that thinks this way. Unfortunately for me I haven’t gotten as far as living it out as much as you guys but sincerely want to.
    Been very troubled lately by my growing dependency and ambition to earn more money when deep down I do really know better.
    Money… it has to be harder than drugs and alcohol to give up! I have no idea how you guys do it.


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