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  1. speakgreaterthings says:

    Hello. My name is Kimberly. I met a couple of folks passing out the “Who Are You Following?” booklet back sometime in April. I’d like to say that I was so pleased by their humility and openness to speak on the things of this World. I did not realize until we spoke more that they were also believers in Christ, which is great. Thank you guys for speaking the truth.


  2. Josh says:

    Hey guys, how have you been? Saw this story on glenn becks news page and it made me think of you. Story isn’t spectacular but you should read the comments. The majority are pretty unreasonably upset with her for something that has absolutely no effect on their life at all. One guy even wished her dead. Pretty silly.



  3. John says:

    Hey i seen you guys at work today handing out booklets so i got one. It was nice talking to you guys. And i hope you guys keep doing what you are doing.


  4. George Martin says:

    Where can I donate?


  5. Dave says:

    I checked out that German woman. It’s strange that the only posts were made over two days (June 18 and 19). Probably because there was so much negative stuff.

    I know of people who lived much the same way in Compton, California, years ago. In fact, the neighbours there were particularly respectful of what they were doing.

    The key thing seems to be that anyone trying to live without money still contribute to society through whatever skills they have. Just communicating the theory is one of the ways that they could contribute.

    After all, people pay big money to hear things like motivational speakers. They pay big money to talk to psychologists. Just about anyone gets money for what they do these days, so someone who is contributing to society for free is not a moocher. In fact, it’s the ones who demand payment before they will help anyone out who seem like the real moochers.

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  6. Clifford says:

    Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I
    am waiting for your further write ups thanks
    once again.

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  7. I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on
    and see if the problem still exists.


  8. I am enjoying your site. God bless you in your work!


  9. Maribel Peres says:

    Wow! I only grabbed this booklet because I love to read and learn different things. I never Knew I would be reading a booklet with such a strong message! I completely agree and I love the way you guys are not afraid to go out there and share the gospel. You guys are amazing and I would love to be a part of something like this


  10. Ian Lewthwaite says:

    Came across your site while checking out about how one can live without money, or being in the ‘system’. Also I’m worried about microchip implants. I like what you have said.


  11. prior57777@mypacks.net says:

    Here are 40+ examples of people who gave up their comforts – money, status, family, personal ambitions, and some, their lives – for Christ. See: http://www.ewtn.com/vondemand/audio/file_index.asp?SeriesId=7069&pgnu=

    Your philosophy to me most closely resembles Saint Francis, I would recommend further reading on him or on Franciscan brothers.

    There is an extensive audio and document library on that website organized by topic, also with a question and answer section. Thanks for taking my comment.


  12. Speaking of St. Francis, a must-read is Laudato Si’, written by Pope Francis, who took his papal name in honor of the saint, and lives the humble and simple life he promotes. See above for webpage.


  13. Speaking of St. Francis, a must-read is Laudato Si, written by Pope Francis, who took his papal name in honor of the saint, and lives the humble and simple life he promotes. http://m.vatican.va/content/francescomobile/en/encyclicals/documents/papa-francesco_20150524_enciclica-laudato-si.html


  14. prior57777@mypacks.net says:

    Kindly indulge me with one final post, a second encyclical from the late 1800s that agrees with you in many respects, and offers an additional perspective on the relationship between work, money, government and social order. I send this in response to the philosophy expressed by Tolstoy, referenced on your website. The encyclical responds to the rise of socialism at that time (and which I do not believe you are advocating), but it tries to make sense of why we have money or possessions, tempered with social responsibility, proper stewardship and order. Leo XIII penned several encyclicals, he was a great and influential writer.
    Thanks for being open to reading, and for the opportunity to share and discuss.


  15. Steff says:

    where can i donate?


  16. Ian Lewthwaite says:

    I still enjoy looking at your web site, I have two questions, how could I donate to your group, and would it be possible to join your group? I did know of a group like yours but they appear to have gone.


  17. freeGarden says:

    thank you very much for all your work and inspiration so far. I’m traveling and living free from money since more then one year. It was a choice by conscious after questienizing myself very simple questions like.
    Which space does money conquered in our society?
    What are the functions of money itself towards our society?
    How it changes the way we think?
    And finaly then: Do I want to support all for what money is standing for or not. The desicion was then quiet easy ^^.

    Questions about why and how to live free from money I’m trying to answer on the Project Page livingfreeofmoney.


    • Hi Paul, Great to see you here! I just did a check of your blog site, and you have raised some very profound questions. It would be good to hear more about your experiences of living without money. You may have heard of another guy here in the United States who has been living without using any money for well over a decade. His name is Daniel Suelo. You can read more about him and his moneyless philosophy at: https://sites.google.com/site/livingwithoutmoney/

      Please keep in touch! God bless you in your journey.


  18. Bro. Dave says:

    Great to see that you guys are still going! Keep up the good work!


  19. Bro. Dave says:

    I tried to post, but it did not go. Maybe it’s just the connection here where I am. Anyway, great site!


  20. Bro. Dave says:


    I was surprised at the link you gave to that video about Obama being the Antichrist. Have you noticed that all of the stuff they use against him is taken out of context? There is hardly a quote on the whole video that is a complete sentence. And the lines on the thumbnail say a lot about where many of the so-called Obama quotes come from: “And you thought I was joking.” I have checked the context of some of the supposedly worst quotes from Obama and they were said sarcastically or in jest. Like me saying, “So you think I am the Antichrist, do you?” There, you have it! I literally said “I am the Antichrist”… if you just leave off the first three words, and the last two!

    Counting the numbers in the name of the Antichrist is the most reliable (and scriptural) way to recognise him, and so far none of the hundreds of people who have been accused of being the Antichrist has turned out to be what their opponents have claimed and (surprise! surprise!) none of their names added up to 666 either! With each new candidate, someone plays around with a hundred (or a thousand) different ways to get 666, or, in this case 1998. But they are always contrived.

    I would recommend this video instead:


    • Hi Bro. Dave,

      Thanks for commenting! But we’re at a loss as to what you are referring to about a video that talks about Obama being the Antichrist. Is this link posted somewhere on our blog (if so, that would be a mistake since we don’t think Obama is the Antichrist), or did another commenter post it? If so, we can’t find what it is you’re referring to.

      Thanks for providing a link for another video that speaks on the subject. We look forward to watching it when we get better connection later.


  21. So who are you guys exactly? Do you travel around pop-up church style? Preach in the streets? What is your testimony(ies)? I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now and really dig your posts and your inspiration for radically living for Christ.


    • Hey there! Thank you for your encouraging interest in our blog and lives. We have been neglectful of our blog recently, but your comment has inspired us to give it more effort and attention. So keep your eyes open for some new posts in the future. We are just three flawed people who are sincerely committed to following the teachings and example of Jesus Christ. We are not affiliated with any institutional church, but believe in the scripture of “where two or more are gathered”—that Jesus is with us if we gather in His name. We have found through our experience and observations that Jesus offers the ultimate solution to all the problems in the world, and we are compelled to share His message, the good news that He came to Earth to reveal. We believe that Jesus wants us to actually do what He told us to do, and so that’s what we model our lives after. The majority of our work is writing and distributing Gospel-based literature (like the “War on Greed” comic/zine that you can find on our blog), but we recently started a YouTube (Radically New Life) to try to reach an even wider audience. We have been doing this work for over a decade now, and have found that God is more than willing and more than capable of providing for all of our needs. We take seriously the God or money teaching (Matthew 6:24-34), so we do not work for a paycheck in the secular world, though we do work for God/Love!

      We would love to hear about you, too, and share more about ourselves. We also find a lot of inspiration in reading posts from your blog, so it would be great to get to know each other better! We were encouraged by your vulnerability and honesty in your “Penitent Rapist” post, and hope that God’s love continues to nourish and heal you from such trauma. You can email us at lookupwaytothesky@gmail.com if you are also interested in talking more.

      In love, peace, and the revolution of Christ – your friends at Live Without Loving Money


  22. Derek says:

    I found you on YouTube through A Voice in the desert channel. Both groups have eye-opening teachings. Thanks👍



  23. John says:

    Thank you for all you’ve done.


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